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I am Eduardo. Nice to meet you!

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and from a very young age I was curious about the arts. I studied cinematographic arts at the Central University of Venezuela, I worked as a theater producer for 10 years.

I started working as a cook and as a waiter in NYC, during that time I was just a spectator. Walking through Manhattan is a mere source of inspiration, a city where we all come and go in a hurry without looking at each other, magical sunsets and streets that remind us of the cinema. This is how I began to capture the things that amazed me with my cell phone, that was the beginning of my life as a photographer.

I'm curious about people, I like to capture and discover the beauty of who is in front of me, I love how an image can freeze the cultural diversity that keeps New York alive. In the end, photography has taught me that things have the shape and meaning that I give them.

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